Asset Management Module

Maximize Asset Life and workforce Productivity.

EnergyNetwork Asset Management module integrates all asset management  functions and tracking into one easy-to-use centralized Cloud based system.  

It helps simplify the management of assets, extend asset life span, improve performance, enhance safety programs and streamline processes.

With effective asset management strategies in place, organizations can see the benefits of equipment performing at peak performance, reduced downtime, lower operating costs and maximize ROI.

Easily organize, track, and optimize asset performance.

“EnergyNetwork” asset management module lets you easily see and manage all equipment information in one place— everything from repair history and cost, to hierarchy, parts consumption, and more.

Asset Management Module :
  • Organize assets in a clear Tree / parent-child / hierarchy.
  • Find Asset information quickly and easily with Equipment QR Code.
  • Add photos to document the tools\equipment\facility condition. 
  • Handy Information to Operator through Mobile App.
  • Stay on top of preventive maintenance.
  • Track asset tasks and performance across your entire Facility.
  • Minimize asset life cycle costs and maximize profitability.
  • Capture and store real-time information from Work done on the Assets.
  • Create reports that drive Preventive Maintenance schedules.
  • Make compliance for each Asset through audits.
  • Access each asset’s warranty information, Manufacturing details, supplier etc.
  • Capture Meter Log details for Various Parameters and keep it organised for meaning ful dashboard.
  • Maintain and make readily available details of SOP.
  • Capture Events and track history of Events for each Equipments.

Managing your assets shouldn’t be guesswork.