Asset – Document Management

Say Goodby to Paperwork !

Asset Document management Module saves time and eliminates frustration locating and sharing Documents, boosting productivity.

Functions of Document management :

  • Upload Documents like, As built Drawings, User Manuals, Operation Manuals, 
  • Upload Standard Operating Procedure - SOP Instructions,
  • Upload documents related to workorders, maintenance, Audit Reports, etc.
  • Keep Safe work practice documents handy, linke lockout/tagout procedures etc.
  • Upload As built Drawings of Equipment, SLD, Control Schematics, BIM Drawings,
  • Upload Past breakdown and solution Photos, 
  • Upload Warrenty Certificates, Invoice, Important Contact Informations, 
  • Keep all asset information in one centralized location
  • Keep tabs on asset and asset data without paperwork or communication gaps.

Collaborate with documentation, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Document management :

  • Keep Key documents handy in case of Emergency.
  • Reduce Person driven dependencies for Access of information.
  • Centralized document management for each Asset types & Equipment.
  • Easily locate and retrieve documents, which ensures Efficiency improvement and Compliance.
  • Collaborate with teams, ensuring that they have instant access to the most Current & Relevant document.