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Enterprise Asset Manager

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Purpose: Uptime | Safety | Cloud

Our Purpose is to help Organisations Ensure high Asset Uptime, Safety of the People and Asset, and take Operational Data to Cloud which will ensure take Data Driven Actions.

EnergyNetwork EAM is a combination of software, systems and services used to maintain assets and equipment. EAM is to optimize the quality and utilization of assets throughout their lifecycle, increase productive uptime and reduce operational costs.

Our EAM is Designed to help increase operational efficiency, Provides near real-time visibility into asset usage, Supports preventive, condition and predictive maintenance needs, Manages complex, cross-functional teams.
Our Solutions help customers take data Driven Actions, Ensure highest Asset Uptime and Maximize Asset Lifetime.

Benefits and Advantages of EnergyNetwork EAM

Hyper Efficient Facilities

EnergyNetwork is cloud-based Enterprise Asset Manager app, that helps achieve operational excellence and efficiency while ensuring data driven Actions, digital records, business continuity and Uptime of Assets.

Quick Troubleshooting

In the event of equipment fault, easily access : SOP to be followed, operational data, repair logs, Meter log readings, Workorder executed, Audit reports, Alerts, technical documentation and Images of past incidents and troubleshoots.

Goodbye Paperwork

Keep a digital record of important documentation from design, operations to troubleshoot. Collaborate digitally and documents sharing made easy. Handy and easy to find history of Asset Alerts, Maintenance and Audits.

Improve operations

Colloboration enhancement between Asset Operator and Maintenance staff via Work Request module, with details of Issue, priority, Action taken, time required, and records of Solution, root cause with documents and Images.

Deliver smart maintenance

Workorder based Smart Maintenance Planning and Delivery with details of each Task, capturing, Time, PPE, Tools, Spares, Notes, Images for digital record of each action. History of Maintenance and Audit reports linked for easier Analysis and better reporting.

preventive maintenance

Get easy access to asset history, inspection, Meter Logs, and activity reports, With EAM Digital tool to plan, Create and track long-term Preventive maintenance schedules. with details of each Task, capturing, Time, PPE, Tools, Spares, Notes, Images.

Improve energy efficiency

Gain visibility on relevant data to operate efficiently and improve Asset performance. Asset Timeline of Work orders and Reports help take effective decisions. Meter Log dashboards help define Maintenance schedule to ensure highest uptime.

Enhance monitoring

With Meter Log, Gain Visibility on energy consumption helps save costs and run more efficient facilities. Configurable Meter log for different parameters give flexiblity to add Environmental, Energy, WAGES related parameters.

Analytics - Dashboards

Dashboards give you an overview of the reports and metrics you care about most. EAM Dashboards provide you Asset, Workorder and Meter Log Analytics, that help you track KPIs and Plan your action to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


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Enterprise Asset Manager

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